The Daily Word 07.12.10: Barefoot Bandit, Roman Polanski, Monkeys With Guns

Nick Brown
1 min read
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The Barefoot Bandit is captured.

Is the Taliban
training monkeys to shoot Americans?

Three bombs in Uganda killed 74 people.

BP says they’re
close to capping the oil spill.

The story of
humans turning into goats turned out to be a hoax.

alligator bit a guy’s hand off.

Polanski is free.

King Arthur’s Round Table been found?

The Oregon Bigfoot Blog strives to show you the face of Enoch.

Porn sites might get
.xxx on the web.

Suspects in a
100 mph chase on I-40 are on the loose.

Rio Rancho is one of the
top 100 small towns.

Free baby bunnies exist in Albuquerque.

New Mexico now has 11
medical marijuana dispensaries.

It’s Richard Simmons’ birthday. If he’s told you once,
he’s told you a thousand times.
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