The Daily Word 07.13.09

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Those crazy Spanish kids and their bulls, I swear. Imagine getting jabbed in the gooch.

Swearing can make you
fucking feel better.

In 2001, the CIA was going to
assassinate al Qaeda leaders then decided not to. Aw, shoot.

giant squid washes on the beach in La Jolla and goes all flippity floppity for the cameras.

Read about outbreaks of
stupid social frenzy, then start thinking up your own.

The search for the
giant earthworm in Idaho.

Obama picks a new
surgeon general.

space shuttle will try to launch today.

Did a
wife strangle her boxer husband with a purse?

cop smashed his car Saturday night.

Ariana Garcia is willing to fight a boy. I will fight her with a sword, if she wants.

The New Mexican writes about the
Rainbow Family Gathering. Maren went. Read about it this week.

old man ran over a baby.

It’s Patrick Stewart’s birthday. Here’s one of those
Star Trek TNG things.
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