The Daily Word 07.20.07

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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How fat is Gov. Richardson’s wallet? Well, his assets saw a 10-fold jump after he left the federal government in 2001. Huh.

It might be the cops who bring the guns to school.

Roswell residents pissed off by scratcher mistake.

It’s time for … another scary story about kids and the Internet.

Women run hot and cold on Clinton.

Senate approves student loan overhaul.

There’s evidence FEMA knew the trailers it was giving hurricane victims had formaldehyde in them.

Israel releases more than 250 Palestinian prisoners.

Bring your lighter on the plane again soon.

Computer beats humanity at checkers. Rally team, rally.

The car of the future drives itself.

The art of saying Polish names.

Confessions of a spammer.

Kick-ass feminist gossip site Jezebel makes fun of Rep. Heather Wilson for her quote in the
Post about the hardship of being a mom and a Congresswoman.

The Village Voice gets “Sex and the City” movie script–not.

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