The Daily Word 07.20.09

Nick Brown
1 min read
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There’s a broken toilet in space.

Giant Squids attack!

Private Bowe Bergdahl:
captured by the Taliban.

DNA is
telepathic and is not the same in every cell.

81-year-old NASCAR driver.

I don’t know but I’ve been told,
five-legged doggy ain’t got no soul.

The world’s
largest cupcake: whoopdeedoo.

Frank McCourt died. Musician Gordon Waller also died.

A man
fought a cougar with a chainsaw.

Animal lover
Michael Vick no longer has to wear an ankle monitor.

Read about weird new
Universal Mirrors scientists have developed.

Is the
Albuquerque housing market bouncing back?

car smash on Central claims two. Then a van killed a man, also on Central.

RIP, Sgt.
Joe Harris.

It’s Kim Carnes’ birthday.
Here you go. Don’t mention it.

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