The Daily Word 07.21.09

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
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Downtown bars can now stay open until 3:30 a.m. and serve non-alcoholic beverages and food. Some think it’s unfair that it’s just downtown.

Man wishes to turn
the old Club 7 into a pool hall with “strict dress code.” City and windbag neighbor oppose.

Lightning strikes girl in Los Lunas, girl survives.

Not all New Mexicans are thrilled about the
influx of Hollywood.

Esperanto prepares to celebrate 150 years of existence. Some reckon there to be a million speakers.

Pro-Obama guy suggests
health care reform can pay for itself.

Sotomayor vote delayed a week.

Cookie Bandit” was wanted for a 1972 double murder in British Columbia.

Jupiter’s atmosphere contains
Earth-sized hole, was apparently struck by something very recently.

West Coast
tsunami risk is greater than imagined.

Swine flu death toll tops 700 globally.

The Onion sold to the Chinese.

Chris Brown video apologizes to Rhianna, then does an off the hook choreographed dance.

Album of the day: Three Sides Live by Genesis.

Weather: Thunderstorms predicted today and tomorrow.
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