The Daily Word 08.03.09: Obama Joker Posters, Michael Jackson Demerol, Martin Sheen’s Birthday

Nick Brown
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Obama “Joker posters” are pasted up in Los Angeles.

Al Qaeda offers truce to Obama.

A demerol
shot killed Michael Jackson.

See Nissan’s new
electric car.

In 1972, there was a
mini-UFO in Japan.

Now, there’s a
Snuggie for dogs!

Crows recognize human faces. Humans do not reciprocate.

Iran has arrested three American hikers. Oh, shit.

A guy
dug up his dead dad and brought him home.

There used to be an Albuquerque band called
Crash Kills Five.

Ouija boards are creepy.

I-25 is about to become as worthless as I-40.

There was a
bear on the Westside. The cops killed it. (Just kidding. They tranquilized it.)

There was a
stabbing at Copper and Texas.

saddest fraud pretended to raise money for the family of the little boy buried in the sandbox.

Ojo Springs Fire is burning in the Manzanos.

It’s Martin Sheen’s birthday. Here his is messed up during the filming of
Apocolypse Now.

Thanks to Nayder, Anjou and Trassine for some of today’s fine links.
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