The Daily Word 08.10.09

Nick Brown
2 min read
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There was a prison riot in California.

Is it so wrong for a man to want his
diaper changed?

The newly-discovered
flying frog can glide through the air with his large webbed feet, down to the forest floor to meet the world’s smallest deer and other weird newly-discovered animal friends.

dead baby came back to life in his coffin.

A CNN reporter didn’t trust his boss, so he wrote a story called “
When You Don’t Trust Your Boss.”

When it’s a slow news day, you can always write about
Charles Manson and everybody loves it.

Orangutans make musical instruments, form bands, and play mostly covers but throw in a few originals.

Border Collies are the
smartest dogs.

Old-timey mugshots are fun. That one guy’s missing an eye.

Ashley Judd is going to Harvard. They should make a movie about it with Morgan Freeman as the crusty-but-big-hearted professor who helps her track down her stalker.

black mountain lion was seen in California.

Former Albuquerque mayor
Louis Saavedra died.

drank at a man’s party. He will be tortured and killed.

A Sierra County woman is New Mexico’s first
H1N1 flu fatality.

mobile meth lab wasn’t quite mobile enough to avoid swift and steely justice.

It’s Mildred’s birthday. It’s also Antonio Banderas’ birthday. Here’s Antonio in
The 13th Warrior, a clever retelling of Beowulf with Vikings vs. Neanderthals.

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