The Daily Word 08.11.09: Perseid, Layoffs, Dwi, Bacon, Pac Man

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
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The annual Perseid meteor shower can be seen tonight.

Another reason to scorn Comcast: Yesterday the internet/cable overlords announced
the elimination of 178 New Mexico jobs.

A story of
Indian casinos.

LANL awards four New Mexico companies $100,000 for using lab technology. One company is making a Virtual Museum of New Mexico.

Sunflower opens a Santa Fe location. Now the natural-bent grocery has 46 stores.

Richardson, with Mothers Against Drunk Driving president Laura Dean-Mooney, says he wants three days of jail and $2,500 in fines for first time
DWI offenders.

Chevrolet Volt will allegedly get 230 MPG. See the electric car motoring around come 2011.

Questionable uses for bacon; see bacon-sheathed knockers.

novelty phones, including Pac Man

East mountain folk fret about
Manzano fire.

Alcohol blamed for rise in
oral cancers.

Album of the day: Slow by Sneetches.

Weather: Highs in the mid ‘90s today, cooler later in the week … plus rain!
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