The Daily Word 08.12.09: Stephen Hawking, Facebook Lite And Guerrilla Queer Bar

Christie Chisholm
1 min read
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La Cueva coach is under investigation, but we don’t know for what, exactly.

Wolves to be released south of the border.

Schmidly’s to do list.

Santa Fe aims to protect its water.

anniversary license plates for the state and for Santa Fe.

What will lawmakers
trim from the state budget?

Albuquerque’s new Guerrilla Queer Bar group is all about.

Marines storm Afghanistan.

If you care about
what Paula Abdul is doing, read this article.

Why Albuquerque
police swarmed a fellow officer’s home last night.

The status on the city’s
new Westside schools.

Find out who Obama is awarding with the
Presidential Medal of Freedom (one of them is Stephen Hawking).

Justice Sotomayor was honored this morning.

What exactly is
“Facebook Lite”?
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