The Daily Word 08.31.09: Yeti, Brian Jones, James Coburn’s Birthday

Nick Brown
2 min read
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The yeti has been filmed in Poland. It looks sooooo real.

Police have new evidence in the 1969
death of Stones’ guitarist Brian Jones.

A drug lord’s
pet hippos have escaped in Columbia.

Disney is going to buy Marvel to make sure it sucks, too.

Station Fire in Southern California is out of control.

Drinking makes people happy. However, the article warns: “The study also noted that alcohol use, especially use, is associated with many other health problems.” That made me happy!

Eight are dead in a mysterious Georgia

Billionaire fairy enthusiast claims she can see the future.

Macaulay Culkin Blanket’s father?

cell phone towers kill bees?

I got an email that just said “
fangs and blind” with a link.

Handyman Kenton Warnock is charged with
beating a 60-year-old woman to death.

Isotopes are in the playoffs.

Doug Turner joins the list of people who want to be governor.

Armed robbery suspect Avery Freemen turns himself in to authorities.

Cold cheese sandwiches continue to make everyone angry.

Today is my sister’s birthday. It’s also James Coburn’s birthday. Here’s James Coburn in (you guessed it, fellow insomniacs!)
Sky Riders.
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