The Daily Word 09.01.09: New Mexico Linguistics, Medicare Cuts, Silence In Music, Sci-Fi Films

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
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New Mexico’s linguistic heritage is rich, bro.

U.S. Energy Secretary Chu wants a
new industrial revolution sans fossil fuel.

Potential cuts in Medicare could be especially bad for New Mexicans in nursing homes.

Several New Mexico groups awarded
stimulus grants for art jobs.

Eclipse Aviation reopens today.

Solar plant to be built by the Butte.

No me gusta
Hurricane Jimena in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

world’s oldest dog finally croaked.

Forty years of
Gaddafi’s Libya celebrated.

EU bans the manufacture and import of
ye olde light bulbs.

best sci-fi films of all time on the 107 th anniversary of A Trip to the Moon.

The most excellent uses of
silence in music.

Album of the day: Citadel by Starcastle.

Weather: Highs in the low ‘90s this week, thunderstorms this weekend.
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