The Daily Word 09.05.08

Amy Dalness
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Abramoff gets four years in the slammer.

Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain accepted the GOP nomination last night, amid
technical difficulties.

’70s rock icon Heart isn’t happy about the RNC’s use of “Barracuda” as Sarah Palin’s unofficial theme song. (Van Halen’s not too happy either, but for a different song.)

Homeless sex offender registers with address of abandoned building,
gets evicted. ( Journal link)

Mayor Chavez’ health-food kick may put blind vet out of business. (Another Journal link, sorry)

Meanwhile, the
U.S. jobless rate is at a 5-year high.

Cheney visits the Ukraine, says the
U.S. supports Ukrainian freedom and security (in the shadow of Russia).

Pakistani officials say U.S. bomb killed five people in a missile strike on militant targets in Pakistan’s border region.

Tropical Storm Hanna is a comin’.

Retired New Mexico major general suggests MaCain’s support of the Iraq war could be due to a
“lack of adequate psychological care” upon his return from Vietnam.

Mapping the cancer genome.

Real zombies to worry about.

The world’s first functional light saber.
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