The Daily Word 09.07.09: Cadbury Lunch, Forest Turtle, Peter Lawford Sings.

Nick Brown
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Kraft tried to buy Cadbury but couldn’t. The Cadbury Lunch was my favorite candybar as a kid: Cadbury chocolate, raisins and crunchy cookie bits. They don’t make it anymore.

The Arakan
forest turtle prevails against claims of extinction.

Fairy tales have ancient roots.

Science fun alert. Here are
13 things that don’t make sense, and 13 more things that don’t make sense.

Dear Lord, don’t let
Obama make a boring speech to our children.

Motown turns 50, and the party is officially over. Go home.

deadly car smashed into a Northeast Heights home, barely not killing several adorable children.

Accused would-be-rapist James Lutz waved to his intended victim from the
Carl’s Jr. parking lot.

Shinbone music is still popular, according the the New Mexican’s Christine Huffman.

The backlash begins against
Michael Cera. And rightly so.

You can play
kickball in the comfort of your own tri-cultural, roughly rectangular Southwestern state.

“He’s dead, Jim.” A
body was found in Santa Fe.

Peter Lawford’s birthday. Here he is singing “Age of Aquarius” for some reason.
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