The Daily Word 09.08.08

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Read about the Dim Mak Touchless Knockout.

A woman grew a
six foot zucchini. And she’s going to, like, cook something with it.

aliens are coming on October 14 in a “hugh spaceship.” Schocking.

French charge the Church of Scientology with fraud.

Did we
kill a bunch of civilians in Afghanistan last month?

O.J. Simpson’s
trial begins for all of that weirdness in Las Vegas last year.

Lending and mortgage rates
may loosen up resulting from the Feds bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Chris Marino and his dad
tread water for 15 hours before rescue.

A fish broke a kid’s jaw.

A yeti was spotted in the North Valley.

double shooting. Also a road-rage shooting.

Are people
torturing javalinas?

13 tons of
Stouffer’s frozen pizza were stolen. Yum.

It’s Aimee Mann’s birthday. Here she is singing “
Just What You Are.”

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