The Daily Word 09.16.08

Nick Brown
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The first new species of ant since 1923 is discovered.

kill and eat four teenagers… except the story is in The Sun , which isn’t like real news, is it?

Nigerian man has
86 wives.

Read about the
Chevy Volt.

The Smithsonian is going to put
pictures of all their junk online. They’re such pack rats.

Read about the wacky hijinks of the
fake lawyer.

plastic bottles cause heart disease and diabetes?

K-Fed skips B-day. And I decided to link to it. Hooray for me.

Las Cruces man has
talking bible.

A ninth grader
gets beat up. Tell me about it.

There was a
double stabbing at Hooters.

Amy Poehler and Molly Shannon have the same birthday, and that birthday is today. Look it up.
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