The Daily Word 09.18.09: Panama Creature, Urine Drinking, Tiny T. Rex

Marisa Demarco
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21-year-old H1N1 victim in Los Alamos.

(And it looks like the world won’t be getting as much
vaccine as originally thought.)

Arson at the
Telos House?

Mom defends
10-year-old boy who shot his dad.

This guy is accused of a murder that happened
before N.M. repealed the death penalty. So the state could still put him to death.

New Mexico’s film future stars in: I Was Just a Fling . Maybe.

Tacos live to fly another day.

Unidentifiable creature found in Panama.

Police clash with protesters at
Tehran rallies. (President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says, again, the Holocaust is a myth.)

The life expectancy of an African-American in New Orleans is as low
as the life expectancy of someone in North Korea.

NYT columnist says anti-Obama sentiment is not about racism. Because he saw teabaggers partying with African-Americans just the other day.

The RIAA wants to teach children
how to respect copyright laws in school.

This Mexican boxer
drinks his own urine, just like a certain Albuquerque short shorts-wearing crusader.

Tiny T. Rex discovered.
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