The Daily Word 09.23.09: Cheeseburgers, Dust Storms And Incest

Christie Chisholm
1 min read
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New Mexico public schools could lose $77 million in funding.

The winner of the
Governor’s Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge? Daniel Chavez of Badlands Burgers in Grants. Carnivores rejoice.

About a quarter of
state prison education jobs are unfilled, which means a lot of inmates may not be in classes.

Richard Romero releases a
short compilation of the Bode video tapes. See it here on Peter St. Cyr’s blog.

See a clip of
Obama’s first U.N. address.

What’s in the
walls of this Las Trampas home?

massive dust cloud reminiscent of a disaster movie has hit Sydney and other parts of eastern Australia.

Iranian President Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad denied the Holocaust and spouted anti-Israeli sentiments at the U.N. So Canada will boycott him. Will the U.S. jump on board?

John Travolta flies to the Bahamas for court, where two people allegedly tried to extort him for $25 million.

Flavored cigarettes are banned!

MacKenzie Phillips writes in her new book about having repeated sex with her father, John Phillips, of The Mamas and the Papas.
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