The Daily Word 09.28.09: Roman Polanski, Ufo, Orang Pendek, Muslim Caning

Nick Brown
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US officials arrested Roman Polanski in Zurich.

flooding in the Philippines.

There’s a weird
Travolta extortion case I didn’t know about.

Muslim woman will be caned for drinking beer.

Obama wants to shorten
summer vacation. Children can’t vote.

Favre saves the day for the Vikings.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds died of lupus.

David Carradine thought a ghost was in his closet.

Zoo bear kills zoo bear.

alien skull was spotted on Mars. Exactly where I left it.

Olivia Newton-John saw a UFO when she was a teenager. It took her to fucking Xanadu.

Speaking of UFO’s, a famous
Socorro UFO turned out to be a hoax pulled by some New Mexico Tech kids.

Loren “Wanna Buy a Watch” Coleman reports on a
credible sighting of the Orang Pendek (the jungle yeti of Sumatra).

There was a
pipe bomb at Elephant Butte. Exactly where I left it.

Chinese officials say the
hostage special shape balloons (including Darth Vader) are “on their way.”

Sales of
hand-crafted ribbon roses were down at this year’s State Fair.

It’s Hillary Duff’s birthday. Here’s her video for “
Come Clean.”
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