The Daily Word 1.19.07

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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Bundle up—snow’s (supposedly) a-comin’ soon!

Luckily, more ice means less fire.

The fresh new Legislative Session might lead to a statewide smoking ban.

While the Roundhouse is expected to try to push through a statewide minimum wage law, some are arguing that Santa Fe’s already existing minimum wage ordinance is costing taxpayers an extra lump of cash.

(Speaking of the minimum wage, the city of Albuquerque’s website has a handy FAQ about our city’s own minimum wage ordinance, which the city council and the mayor passed last April.)

In other session news, Richardson’s Republican opponents in the legislature are saying he’s asking them to spend too much of the state’s budget windfall from gas and oil revenues.

California is considering a ban on spanking.

New evidence suggests that cigarette manufacturers are jacking up nicotine levels in their products to more easily hook smokers.
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