The Daily Word 1.21.08

Nick Brown
2 min read
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The Germans don’t like their new smoking ban because it reminds them of the Nazis.

The Germans
don’t like Tom Cruise because he reminds them of the Nazis.

Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou for those two news tips.

I have
scabies. Not really!

If you ever thought it would be fun to just park your car in the McDonald’s drive-thru,
think again.

Coffee: the silent baby killer.

Seawater can cure the common cold for children whose mothers didn’t drink too much coffee.

John Stewart is dead from a brain aneurism. RIP scary little daydream believer. Nobody but me seems to remember his song “ Gold.” Yeah, I know. Onion belts.

Researchers say
everyone lies. Speak for yourselves, lying researchers.

Keifer Sutherland is out of jail; America forgot he was even in jail.

Osama bin Laden
has a son.

chainsaw killer strikes homeless shelter.

The Sierra Club wants a “couch potato” tax. That’s because they know what’s right for everyone so everyone should have to do what they say.

Frontier isn’t going to stay open all night anymore.

Why didn’t I buy that
barnacle encrusted hunk of copper at the flea market?

SuperSonic Cheeseburger makes the list of
most delicious burgers.

Billy Ocean’s birthday. Get out of my dreams, get into my car.
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