The Daily Word 1.25.11: Demonically Possessed Pit Bull, The Future Of The News Industry, Unreal Beef At Taco Bell

Adam Fox
2 min read
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Industry saved? Media magnate James Murdoch suggests a 99 cent a week subscription to The Daily , a future iPad-only newspaper.

Jesse “The Body” Ventura is suing the TSA for inappropriately touching his “body.”

The King’s Speech has been nominated for a stunning 12 Oscars.

Taco Bell is being sued in California for not really using “real beef.” Well, duh.

… And if you were planning on making the trip to Tucson to try lion tacos,
you’re out of luck.

A woman
hangs and burns a pit bull from a tree after chewing her Bible. I mean, clearly the dog was possessed by some sort of demonic power.

Russia, as expected,
isn’t going to take any shit when it comes to the airport suicide bombing.

A woman falls
23 stories, lands on a taxi cab … and lives.

Everyone’s crying foul after the Christian Heritage High girls basketball team obliterated their opponent

ankle bracelets could be mandated for drunk drivers who don’t get an interlock.

JCPenney call center in Rio Rancho is closing, rendering 375 workers jobless.

Sour grapes! A Chicago man was fired from his job after refusing to remove his
Green Bay Packers tie the day after their win over the Bears.

The Fantastic Four is down to three as the long-running comic book franchise is put to bed.

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