The Daily Word 1.26.10: Obama, Aliens, Kerrigan

Adam Fox
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The Daily Word 1.26.10: Obama, Aliens, Kerrigan
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Obama proposes a “spending freeze”on out-of-control government spending.

The Governator suggests
sending California inmates to Mexican jails to ease prison overcrowding.

The search for alien life starts here on Earth, scientists say.

A Delaware man is arrested after
robbing a sandwich shop with a hypodermic needle and exlaiming he had AIDS.

nine-year-old boy commits suicide in Texas.

Nancy Kerrigan has had a tough life; her
father dies after an altercation with her brother.

Isleta man was killed after being hit by an Amtrak train.

Tobacco tax in New Mexico could be
raised by a dollar.

A Truman Middle School teacher
tapes a student’s mouth shut…and writes a rather humorous note to the parent.

In light of all the budget cuts,
New Mexico may lose its film industry tax incentives after a lawmaker calls it “wrong.”

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