The Daily Word 1.4.10: Tallest Building, Smart Humanoids And Patty Loveless

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Dubai is opening the world’s tallest building.

Earthquakes hit the Philippines.

A woman had a McDonald’s
patty meltdown.

Some nutty
parents tattooed their kids.

Extinct South Africans were
smarter than modern humans.

Elton John is helping Eminem with his drug problem. with his drug problem.

Bono is crying about the millions he’s lost to filesharing.

How long could you survive inside a
dead tauntaun?

Albuquerque Walmart employee David Johnson
dies in Walmart.

Wet weather bamboozles New Mexico’s
pecan growers.

dead body was found five miles west of Coors.

An Albuquerque couple is
accused of baby beating.

It’s Patty Loveless’ birthday. Here she is
blaming it on your lyin’, cheatin’, cold, dead-beatin’, two-timin’, double-dealin’ mean, mistreatin’ lovin’ heart.
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