The Daily Word 1.4.11: Louisiana Birds Die, Superhero Battles Car Thief, Tijuana Beheading

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Not to be outdone, Louisiana joins Arkansas in its own creepy end of the world bird kill-off with 500 birds of its own.

President Obama is
losing a ton of weight. Obviously some sort of Communist plot.

… And just like the raging Socialist that he is, Obama plans to sign a
food safety bill calling for greater government regulation in light of all the egg and produce recalls.

The California Supreme Court ruled in favor of arresting police searching cell phones
without a warrant.

Greece plans to build a
border wall to keep out illegal immigrants.

Forget the cheap vanilla and prescription drugs; a
severed head is hung from a bridge in Tijuana.

Quarterback Brett Favre finds himself in yet another
sexting scandal with two massage therapists.

Real-life Seattle superhero
Phoenix Jones scares of a would-be car thief.

“panda cow” was born in Colorado.

A ten-year-old Canadian girl
discoveres a supernova, becoming the youngest ever to do so.

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