The Daily Word 1.5.07

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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More snow tonight.

Rep. Heather Wilson didn’t gush about the first female speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi.

So much for unplanned trips to Mexico. New passport regulations apply as of Jan. 23.

Not that you’d be wanting to head down to Tijuana any time soon. President Calderon dispatched soldiers to the border city to order Tijuana’s police to turn in their weapons.

Here’s Saddam Hussein’s obit.

There’s a serious ethical debate going on surrounding Ashley X, a physically and mentally disabled girl in Seattle. Her parents stunted her growth so she is more manageable.

Bush is moving his spies around. Negroponte is no longer the country’s intelligence chief.

2007 will be a big year for presidential candidates learning how to get close to or distance themselves from their coworkers on the Hill.
The New York Times explains.

Marilyn Manson’s pretty stripper wife is divorcing him, Page Six “reports.”
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