The Daily Word 10.11.07

Simon McCormack
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A substitute teacher shortage forces students in Santa Fe to meet in lunchrooms sans any lesson plans.

The governor says, were he president, he would offer $3.6 billion to college students in exchange for public service.

Blackberry users claim they can feel the device vibrating even when it’s not on their person.

A documentary by the New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women wins a national award. The film, "Girls: Challenges/Choices," looks at issues of body image, dating violence, depression, teen pregnancy and substance abuse among New Mexico teenage girls.

A petrified forest has been discovered near Las Cruces.

The U.S. Marines are pushing to get their forces out of Iraq. The Marine Corps proposal would send the pulled-out troops to Afghanistan to take the leading combat role in operations there.

The necktie is back baby!

The Denver Police Department admits that it used to trash all of its DNA evidence in 90 percent of sexual-assault cases.

Polygamous sect in West Texas continues to thrive despite its leader’s mounting legal difficulties.

Parents of children who died at troubled-youth boot camps spoke in front of congress on Wednesday.
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