The Daily Word 10.12.09: Polanski, Jackman, Unm Siren, Michael Jackson Song.

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Roman Polanski is depressed.

missiles from North Korea.

Explosion in Pakistan.

There’s a
new Michael Jackson song.

A guy
slept through his house burning down.

Two Americans take the
Nobel Prize for economics.

A zoo
painted donkeys to look like zebras.

David Luis
Aguilera remains at large.

vampire movie will be filmed in Albuqueruque, Los Alamos and Red River.

Listen for UNM’s new
emergency sirens around 11am.

Dad shoots son.

robbed Denny’s by UNM.

It’s Hugh Jackman’s birthday. Here are some boring, unfunny
Van Helsing bloopers. Can you imagine how rich I’d be if I’d made up the word “blooper?”
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