The Daily Word 10.12.10: Chilean Miner Rescue, Inflatable Weapons, Gap’s For The People

Adam Fox
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Restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area are under “terrorist watch.”

bus-sized asteroid skims right past Earth this Tuesday.

strange signal has been picked up from alien planet Gliese 581g.

Check out Russia’s new
inflatable weapons.

Brett Favre is accused of
sexting three women.

A balloonist is
shot at traveling over Texas during the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race.

Rasmussen Poll puts Susana Martinez ahead of Diane Denish.

J’s Spa and Therapy on Tramway and Montgomery is shut down for

It’s okay everyone, you can relax; Gap is keeping their
original logo.

armless pianist wins “China’s Got Talent.”

Trapped for 68 days, the rescue of the Chilean miners begins tonight.

Because of our sensational luck with this sort of thing lately, the moratorium on
deepwater drilling is lifted.

He’s still got it, apparently;
here’s a video of a woman fainting in front of Bill Clinton.
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