The Daily Word 10.14.08

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
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How ‘bout this weather?

Polls show
Obama winning in New Mexico.

body artists soon to be regulated.

Bush to rescue
banks. What will Wall Street do?

Images of the economic crisis.

The Caribbean welcomes
Tropical Storm Omar.

death penalty and obesity. America is weird.

Family Guy vs. The Simpsons ?

Pirates release hostage ship.

Some ‘scientists’ claim
drinking shrinks brain.

Marcia Brady might have a small brain.

Some Colorado
Catholics found to be Jewish.

Ways to change the world through
social media

All life uses the same amount of

Apple hype on the internet.

Album of the day: “Prazision” by Labradford.

Weather: It’s raining today. Warm and sunny later this week.
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