The Daily Word 10.18.10: Beaver’s Mom, Yetis And Ufos.

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Actress Barbara Billingsly, the Beaver’s mom, is dead at 94.

Evil Saudi prince kills servant.

German chancellor says multicultural society has failed. This is current news.

Osama bin Laden is living in a house in Pakistan.

A foul-smelling
old woman came back to life.

sexy yeti was photographed in China.

CPR just got easier.

Most Star Trek deaths were, in fact,
Red Shirts.

UFOs visit Brooklyn hipsters, and others.

There was a
police standoff at 12th and Griegos.

Church stabbings happen sometimes.

Elizabeth Cano drove her
SUV through a marathon.

Happy birthday,
Jean Claude Van Damme.
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