The Daily Word 10.19.10: Ufo Sighting In El Paso, Don’t Wear Raw Meat, Tiger Woods Fake Sex Tape

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Butchers recommend not wearing a Lady Gaga-inspired raw meat dress for Halloween.

There was a
UFO sighting over El Paso the other night.

Everybody, calm down; the
Tiger Woods sex tape is a fake.

105 tons of marijuana seized in Mexico including some with
Homer Simpson labels.

There’s going to be a new reality show in Florida taking place at a
nudist resort.

Tylenol issues a recall after complaints of a
moldy smell.

Have a look at this record-breaking
1,535 pound pumpkin.

Former NFL football player Junior Seau
won’t be charged after driving his SUV off a cliff.

Bank robbery reaches a new level of convenience with

A woman in Georgia receives an electric bill for more than
$1 billion.

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