The Daily Word 10.20.08

Nick Brown
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Colin Powell endorses Obama.

stock market is up again this morning.

Read about the
Gobekli Tepe dig – a 10,000 BC city intentionally buried.

Blackwell the fashion critic died.

Spy pigeons in Iran.

Britain releases
secret UFO files.

British study shows
disposable diapers are greener than cloth.

Stabbing and burning in South Korea.

Buckypaper is stronger than steel.

Mom lets seven-year-old daughter
starve to death.

Teenage girl survives
bear attack in Anchorage. Palin does nothing to help save her.

Madonna is nuts about this
Kabbalah thing.


Road rage in the South Valley.

Palin visits
Roswell for the first time since July 7, 1947.

They’re closing the
San Mateo I-40 onramp for a year. That’s the one I use every morning. I’m getting a clear message that they just want me to stay at home in my jammies.

Arson strikes UNM’s
Frat Row.

Today’s celebrity birthdays: Tom Petty, Viggo Mortensen and Snoop Dogg. No links required.

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