The Daily Word 10.22.07

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Southern Califiornia is on fire.

Chuck Norris is backing Mike Huckabee for president. So, I guess that pretty much settles it.

Albuquerque murder suspect is on the loose.

I can’t get enough of this David Copperfield crap. I love a story about an evil magician. Does anyone remember the story from about a year ago where he foiled a mugger by magically making it seem as though his pockets were empty? Here are some practical applications for modern magic. I didn’t see anything about warehouses in there.

Sources say sailor slays sailorettes, self.

Dumbledore is gay. Enjoy your little wizard books now, kiddies.

Bullies kill teenage girl.

Somebody got hit by a car in the heights.

The wind took out the radio stations and all the really fantastic music they play.

The yetis are migrating east into Minnesota.

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