The Daily Word 10.25.07

Simon McCormack
1 min read
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APS considers random background checks of employees.

The city’s new recycling program hits the streets in November.

The Santa Fe River is getting a little help from its good friend tobacco.

The New Mexico Environmental Department is suing to keep a report on possible leaks at a Sandia Labs mixed waste dump secret.

U.S. puts some mo’ sanctions on Iran.

Giuliani was a mob target

A biologist who made racial remarks about the inferior intelligence of people of African descent resigns.

Bush will again veto a children’s health bill. What’s more infuriating are his reasons for doing so.

Jackie Chan will be the voice of the 2008 Olympics.

Paris Hilton wants to be cryogenically frozen with her dogs. Sounds like someone got tired of Britney stealing headlines.
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