The Daily Word 10.25.10. Dried Blood, Hiccups And Cholera.

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Google admits it stole your passwords.

Cholera hits Haiti.

Hiccup Girl is charged with murder.

Packers beat the Vikings.

Louis XVI’s dried blood is inside a fancy gourd.

There’s a new
Chaka-like bigfoot photo. There’s also a bigfoot video some kids took from a balcony.

I was a teenage al Qaeda guy.”

Randy Quaid is afraid he’s going to be murdered.

one-handed model is all the rage in Europe.

Celine Dion had twins.

Bees smart.

Albuquerque drug deal gone bad.

You can
fly from Hobbs to Houston. So figure out how to get to Hobbs, my friend, and… next stop, Houston. Then next stop, back. Then back to Houston.

Do you hate the
Lead and Coal Project?

Masshole didn’t know what an atlatl was.

Happy birthday,
Minnie Pearl.
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