The Daily Word 10.26.07

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Authorities vow to catch O.C. arsonist. Death toll at seven.

Taylor Middle School locked down this morning because a student was threatening to kill other students. (I went to Taylor)

Health care for every New Mexican? Not a bad thought.

Interview with a curandera.

Shortfall in government dough means 4,500 N.M. workers could lose road construction jobs.

Victims of domestic violence get confidential mail delivery.

Phoenix New Times challenges constitutionality of the law used to investigate the paper.

Staph superbug infects 3,802 Arizonans.

Americans are superstitious.

Human species may split in two.

Bush and The Governator are bonding.

Cold meds for kids never proven effective or safe. But oh so delicious!

Don’t make your bed.

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