The Daily Word 10.26.09: Helicopter Crashes, Bootsy Collins, Ben Radford And Al Franken.

Nick Brown
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14 Americans die in two Afghan helicopter crashes.

Toshiba is developing
small nuclear reactors.

Cell phones linked to
brain tumors. Again. I thought that was already established.

Either I’ve
seen a ghost or I have IBS.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has prostate cancer.

UFO crashed in Latvia.

Kacie Aleece Peterson popped up in Manhattan.

Here are seven
things physicists shouldn’t think about when they’re trying to go to sleep.

Ivanka Trump married the publisher of the New York Observer. Insert snotty comment about newspapers going out of business.

Alibi columnist Ben Radford lists the
world’s greatest hoaxes.

funniest people on Twitter, according to your gut-busting friends at msnbc. If you guessed funnyman Stephen Colbert made their list, you’re hilariously correct.

Al Franken speak about healthcare related bankruptcies.

rodeo legend was shot dead in Grants.

New Mexico
peanut growers are having an average crop this year. That should give you a sense of how much local news there is today.

It’s Bootsy Collins’ birthday. Here he is explaining his basic
formula for funk bass.
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