The Daily Word 10.26.10: Happy Marty Mcfly Day, Devastating Earthquake In Indonesia, Zombies In New York

Adam Fox
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Happy Marty McFly Day! Where we’re going we don’t need … roads.

At least
103 people are dead following a massive Indonesian earthquake.

Forget First Class; fly the “
Cuddle Class” on Air New Zealand.

Madonna plans to open her own
health club chain.

Charlie Sheen is hospitalized after he was found drunk and naked in a hotel suite with an escort.

Zombies invaded NYC during the morning rush to promote AMC show “The Walking Dead.”

Let’s all move to Norway, which tops all countries in this year’s
prosperity list.

… Because a few hours south of us, people are still getting
killed in Juarez in yet another cartel-related shooting.

Noooo! Paul the Octopus, the oracle of the World Cup that correctly predicted tournament matches,
has passed away.

The “Burger Bandit,” responsible for robbing three Blake’s Lotaburger restaurants, is
finally arrested.

Here’s a slideshow featuring
cute dogs wearing even cuter Halloween costumes! My heart melts.
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