The Daily Word 10.30.08

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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Recession? What recession?

Um …
bailout money goes fast.

The BBC’s
top YouTube videos of the U.S. election season.

Taleban militants attacked the Ministry of Culture in Kabul.

Why Trick-or-Treat with the kids when you can
take them along for some armed robbery?

Voter woes:
Man registers dog to vote (expecting the form to be returned), now Tuckup has a voter ID. ( Journal link)

Voter woahs:
New Mexico Supreme Court says count every vote where the intent is clear.

Five days until the election in which Americans may vote the first African American president in history.
Can we handle it?

"The Daily Show’s" Wyatt Cenac
sums up my current election sentiments better than I can.

five experiments that may end the world.
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