The Daily Word 10.4.10: Tiger Woods, Chicken Nuggets And Cows In Rio Rancho

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Three die in a fiery Pakistan tanker attack.

A mad scientist won the
Nobel Prize for grusome experiments involving test-tube babies.

Michael Vick was injured in a dogpile.

Tiger Woods is playing real golf again.

Watch this bluegrass band play “
Walk Like an Egyptian.”

Walk like a
two-legged pig.

Now listen to this John Lennon/David Lee Roth

severed feet wash up, but in Europe.

Toshiba introduces
glasses-free 3D TV.

What are chicken nuggets made of?

Yoda with blueberries on his ears.

fish with human teeth bit a fisherman. With picture.

Buy a

The Italian Coast Guard is
calling off its search for Abruzzo and Davis.

That was an awe-inspiring
hail storm in the East Mountains Saturday.

Craigslist scams abound right here in Albuquerque.

Cows are wandering into Rio Rancho.

Bernalillo County deputies
endorse the sheriff’s opponent.

Charlton Heston’s birthday. Goddamn you all to hell.
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