The Daily Word 10.5.10: Laptops Burning Laps, Sexy Sesame Street, Loud Sunchip Bags

Adam Fox
1 min read
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You could be a victim of toasted skin syndrome if you use your laptop on your … lap.

The country’s most dangerous neighborhood is located in

Students in Santa Fe have to wear ID badges to class with built-in
tracking devices.

There are a lot of people in Miami that have no clue what
911 is for.

Six subway stations in NYC are going to be
equipped with WiFi.

Now you can be Buxom Big Bird or Titillating Telly Monster with this new line of
sexy Sesame Street costumes.

The Times Square almost-bomber gets a
life sentence.

Early poll results show
Diane Denish trailing Susana Martinez in the gubernatorial race.

Frito-Lay is changing its packaging on
SunChips due to noise complaints.

Kids in Los Angeles can choose and pay for their school lunch
by fingerprint.

A man plans to trek 300 miles in his Harley …
with no hands.
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