The Daily Word 10.6.08

Nick Brown
1 min read
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A woman can’t open her eyes.

The Taliban is
breaking up with al Qaeda.

Global Economy is crumbling.

More, in general, about those

Atheists pray and believe in the devil.

Things aren’t looking good for the Age of

Magnetic waves can make us all
idiot savants.

Another Montauk Monster washes ashore. I thought it looked familiar!

Invisibility technology may be used to
direct tsunamis around oil rigs and coastal towns.

pack of squirrels kills a dog.

Curse of the Iceman.

snowing on Mars — which is odd for so early in the year.

A little girl falls out of the
Crazy Bus carnival ride.


A gun family

Bobby Brady should keep an eye on his video games. I mean when he’s
not playing them.

It’s Matthew Sweet’s birthday. Here’s the video for “
We’re the Same.” I can’t believe he played the supermodel card.

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