The Daily Word 11.01.10: The 13Th Apd Shooting, You Should Switch To Heroin And Buy This Man A Wonka Bar.

Nick Brown
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Meet Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri.

Herion and cocaine are better than alcohol, and better for you.

little Nissan can go 47 m.p,h.

Besides the Chaplin film, here are more
cell phones in the past.

JFK speech-writer
Ted Sorensen has died.

Here’s some bad news about
forgetting to pay your bills.

Mom Cave or
Nurture Nook?

Fishermen found WWII bombs on the
Galapagos Islands.

The Texas
Supreme Court quoted Spock in an opinion.

Og. The
13th APD shooting of 2010.

ceiling chunks fall. That actually happened to me in college; the ceiling fell down and smashed my desk.

Randy Travis filed for divorce… in Albuquerque? (Thanks to Adelita at DCF for this juicy local tip.)

Phil Cooney is
$10 billion overdrawn and must surrender Paraguay.

Polls show
Martinez leading by 10%.

Happy birthday,
Peter Ostrum.
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