The Daily Word 11.02.09: Giant Jellyfish, Christopher Walken, Ether Man And Nob Hill Carjacking.

Nick Brown
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A giant jellyfish sunk a boat.

Read about the
world’s largest cruise ship.

Christopher Walken gives a dramatic reading of “Poker Face.”

suicide bomber killed 35 people in Pakistan.

Regina Benjamin is our new
surgeon general.

Vikings beat Green Bay.

If you’ve been trying to keep count of how many
severed feet wash up on the beach in Vancouver, this makes seven.

A guy in Michigan saw the

communion wafer turned into heart tissue.

Also, Joe Coleman saw the
Virgin Mary in Ireland.

Robert Bruce, in custody in Colorado, is accused of the “
Ether Man” rapes in Albuquerque back in the 1990s.

A driver smashed into a
UNM Shuttle.

Robert Downy Jr. wants to close I-25 and I-40. I thought they were already closed.

Adam Smock was almost
car-jacked in Nob Hill.

A suspected gunman
fell out of a tree.

It’s James K. Polk’s birthday. Here’s They Might Be Giants singing about
him in Borders.
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