The Daily Word 11.08.10: Tasmanian Tiger Pelt, Obama In India And Turning Skin To Blood.

Nick Brown
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A blue UFO was filmed above Centreville, VA.

Do you want to try the
RockMelt browser, or are you happy as you are?

Obama’s in India, doing things.

Twinkie Diet works.

All your
climate change questions will soon be answered.

Iran gives its
rappers something to rap about.

old man disguise almost fooled the airlines.

Would you pay $30 to watch a newly released
movie at home?

Scientists have turned skin into blood. (Daddy, what’s your job? I turn skin into blood.)

realtor kept a dead woman in her car.

A guy bought a
Tasmanian tiger pelt at a garage sale for $5.

What’s causing the
frog mutations in Los Lunas?

Coal is closed and Lead is a two-way for the next 10 months starting today.

Lobos beat Wyoming. Just barely.

UNM is searching for the
Roswell aliens.

Happy birthday,
Bram Stoker.
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