The Daily Word 11.09.09: Al Qaeda, Hugo Chavez, Martin Chavez And Cthulhu

Nick Brown
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Hasan tried to contact al Qaeda. He is now awake and talking at the Fort Hood hospital.

Scotland Yard foiled an
al Qaeda plot to blow up the New York subway.

Once again, harmless-seeming US citizens accidentally
wander across the border into Iran and are captured.

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez was
beaten and released.

Chicago kids were arrested for a
food fight.

Hugo Chavez tells his troops to prepare to die as the US weirdly begins occupying Columbian military bases.

Kraft tries to buy Cadbury again.

Dolphins attacked and killed a porpoise on camera. Apparently, at least the dolphins know the difference.

33% of Americans would consider voting for
Sarah Palin.

A possible breakthrough in
prosthetic hands.

The Third Man: a
benevolent being.

Persian armyman skeletons were found in the Sahara.

Ryan Vigil and Christopher Midyette are accused of murdering
Brittni Carlini with a baseball bat.

500 Bandidos partied in Valencia County.

Ken Zangara tried
gambling to save his car dealership.

Ronzina Yazzi allegedly dated and stabbed Connie Holyan.

Martin Chavez reflects on his time in office.

See the world’s greatest
sci-fi velvet paintings.

Bears gone bald.

Sit on
Cthulhu’s lap, tell him what you want for Christmas.

It’s Carl Sagan’s birthday. Here he is saying “
billions and billions.”

Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou for some of these fine stories.
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