The Daily Word 11.10.08

Nick Brown
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Monks fight in holy brawl.

Frightening balloons kill

Build the
Enterprise out of office supplies.

Circuit City files
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. (That’s the soft ‘reorganization’ one).

DHL Express shuts down operations inside the US –
9,500 jobs cut.

A deadly
football argument.

Read about “
Odourprints:” as unique as fingerprints.

DDOS web
attacks target e-commerce sites.

Eight-year-old commits premeditated

Youtube will feature
full-length MGM films and TV shows. Yes, that specifically includes Bulletproof Monk . I bet you feel pretty stupid for buying it, now. I know I do.

space station gets an upgrade.

Another former UNM Frat House gets

APD busts
identity theft operation.

Read about the ghost investigations at
KRQE studios! Dude, it’s Captain Billy! (For you youngsters, he hosted a morning cartoon show when I was a kid and was shot to death in the studio.)

It’s Mackenzie Phillips’ birthday. Here she is trying to launch a
musical career on the Disney Channel. Or something. It’ll make your skin crawl. At least she still likes to party.

Also, it’s Neil Gaiman’s birthday.
American Gods was pretty good.

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