The Daily Word 11.12.07

Nick Brown
1 min read
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See Charles Manson’s funny dance. “I’m brand new. Everything I do is always brand new.” Maybe that’s his birthday dance. It’s Neil Young’s birthday, too. Look it up.

A new breakthrough in cloning makes some people uncomfortable.

The Fountain of Youth, available soon at Walgreens.

Read about the deadly ebola virus.

John McCain has a mother.

Kanye West’s mom died.

Scientists say it’s natural to stare at people. Cool. Now get back to work on that cancer thing.

Leonardo Da Vinci hid a musical composition in “The Last Supper.”

The pope is planning a visit to the US.

Fatal stabbing at ABQ Uptown mall.

Astorga says he’s being mistreated in prison.

The rain that was supposed to come today isn’t coming today.
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