The Daily Word 11.16.07

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Cyclone death toll hits 600 in Bangladesh.

Baseball hero Barry Bonds indicted for perjury for four-year-old testimony that he didn’t use steroids.

Warrantless wiretapping will continue unchecked. Jury hands a victory to the Bush administration.

Gang-rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail in Saudi Arabia.

Police officer accused of rape says sex was consensual.

State Public Regulation Commissioner David King says he was talking about Christian love, not, you know, the other kind. He’s on trial for sexual harassment.

Everyone’s favorite UNM scientist, Randy Thornhill, is at it again, talking about how women go into heat.

CNM to expand into Rio Rancho.

War bills from both sides of the political divide croaked in the Senate.

The fence between the U.S. and Mexico should be “formidable but not lethal; visually imposing but not ugly; durable but environmentally friendly; and economically built but not flimsy”

Imagine a United States without income tax. Ron Paul does.

Music industry chief: Sorry about the file-sharing war.

On Giuliani shooting his mouth off.

A mutated cold virus killed 10 people.
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