The Daily Word 11.16.09: Boy Kills Bear, Muggers Return Wallet And Burgess Meredith Co-Stars In Failed Stinker.

Nick Brown
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Either a human was eaten or the Sun isn’t a real news source.

boy killed a bear.

dollar fell and gold went up.

illegal to be fat in Japan.

Snoop Dogg gives props to Willie.

muggers returned a vet’s belongings and apologized.

Scientologists want investigative reporters for Freedom magazine.

Everybody wants an
Apple Tablet.

Can controlled
nuclear fusion save civilization?

Former police officer
Alfred Lovato is being charged as an accomplice in vehicular homicide.

California murder suspect
Michael Barbar was captured in New Mexico.

Icy roads let to a
fatal car smash near Grants.

Crime kid brags about his exploits online, predictably.

It’s Burgess Meredith’s birthday. Here he is flashed on the screen in the opening credits for Sally Struthers’ failed “All in the Family” spin-off sit-com, “

“But you know what, Joey? We’ll be OK.”

Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou for some of today’s fine stories.
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